Another way to get better feel of the city of London other than commercial bus tours is buying an Oyster card and have a ride around London in on the top deck of standard London buses. In case, if the tours on standard London busses appear to be a bit boring than in such a condition you can go for a commercial tour for better understanding and learning of the city.

•Open Top Bus Tour: There are provided a good number of buses to tour operator to have an open bus tour of the city. These tours are consisting of The Original Tour and The Big Bus Company.

•London Ducktours: In order to have a view of London by boat one can have help from various number of London Duck tours for help and assistance.

•London Movie Tours: As London is the third busiest filming location in the world and there is a good number of famous film locations to visit from movies like Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Da Vinci Code and Sherlock Holmes. So one can roam there as provided in the tour of the city.

•Architectural Tours: These tours take place on every Saturday morning and therefore provide opportunity to take experience into London’s experiment at first hand and to ease of the tourists. The tour guides there happen to be architects, architectural writers or architectural historians. On an Architectural tour the prominent places to be roamed and toured regularly are The Square Miles, Edges of the City, Westminster and Docklands.

•London Tours: More you can have private walking tours in guidance and aid with an experienced tour guide and keeps on thronging daily through out the year.

•London Olympics Tour: For an interesting tour of London 2012 Olympic Games venue in London, there a good number of professional and credible services are provided. These tours are carried out by the experienced and knowledgeable tour guides; there Olympics take a person along the Lower River Lee Valley along the Olympic Park.

City of London Walking Tour: The City of London is the key financial center with trend going in history back to ancient Roman Times. There on the tour one can have two hour guided walk as to look out the beautiful garden and planted areas around the cities huge official buildings. The features of the city garden walk are Victorian gardens as formed from churchyards, gardens on wasteland after World War II bombings and Gardens related to new high tech office buildings.

•Theatre Land Walking Tour: This tour of London, takes you to walking tour of Covent Garden and Lecicester Square. There one can learn about the history of some of the West End’s best theatres and can enjoy stories about flamboyant actors and theatre ghosts.

•Houses of Parliament Tour: These tour help as to discover and enjoy the nearly 1,000 years of British history. Under the guidance of guide you can have the tour of parliament at the spots and places like Lords and Commons Chambers, Westminster Hall, Queen’s Robing Room, Royal Gallery, Peers’ Lobby, Central Lobby, Members’ Lobby, St Stephen’s Hal.

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